Saturday, September 18, 2010

September Blues

I've been in hiding. I'll make no justifiable excuse. It is simply that I hate fighting the unstoppable growth in the face of daily monsoons. The rain is so thick that the ground and the air is saturated. Even when I push myself out the door and beat back the growth, it is inevitable the lighting will crack overhead, beginning the riskiest gamble "can I get 10 more minutes?"

I received a heck of a lesson the other day trying to grill some Jerk chicken for a party that night. I over reached the bargained for 10 minute and was shocked THROUGH the BBQ and tongs when a lighting bolt cracked over head. While clearly I was not killed, I did learn that I can run a whole lot faster then I had previously thought.

But the light has changed a couple of weeks ago. It is the kind afternoon sunlight that tells you the kids are back in school and the guys are watching football. The humidity is still there 90% of the day. Oddly, there are 2 large hurricanes churning out in the Mid Atlantic and 1 which made land fall yesterday in Mexico. Usually these events, when they don't come to our shores, help dry up the air. But somehow, we seem to be in between and still sucking up the moist southern air.

But hope and anticipation springs eternal. Last night, the BF and I were outside (another post for another day, but it involves hammock camping) and the air was dry. Happy Happy Joy Joy.  The time to plant is almost here. My personal date for planting is October 15, barring any hurricane clean up. (AKA - Hurricane Wilma)

Time to take inspiration from my fellow local gardeners. Time to prep the grown and solarize the nematodes. Time to grab the old catalogues (the one from spring, professing the start of the growing season. Hphm) Time to grab the camera and laptop and prime the writing pump.

Yeah!!!!! Fall is FINALLY here.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

California '10

Spent 2 weeks with my aunt Claudine, aunt France and Uncle Jean Pierre out in Central California. We traveled up to Portland Oregon to visit my cousin Eric and his family (Zach, Josh and Dylan).

There is much to say and too little time to say it all in one sitting. So as the blog evolves...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 2010

Round 2 from a store bought Pineapple
Tomatoes gone wild
First crop from the Irwin Mango

Monday, June 7, 2010

Banana Winds

We escaped the humidity and storms down in Conch Key.  Alas, the 1" hail and violent winds took their toll on yard. The Avocado and Bananas took the brunt of the hit. Looks like there is a trip back down to Going Bananas down in Homestead. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A New Toy

Oh Chipper, How do I love thee?

Seriously. I have wanted to get a chipper for so long I cannot remember when I first had the idea. Talk about delayed gratification.  Of the last year, I started scanning the garden section of Craigslist.  Then last week, I spied an ad for a little electric job for $150. I practically ran out of the house to get it. No haggling. Just a great big Thank You and we loaded it up. Well, just got to use it this morning. OMG!!!! Really should have done this years ago.

 From this day forward, no bio-load will leave the yard. If it is too big to go in the chipper then it goes in the fire pit, then the ashes go into the compost. The cycle is complete.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When the rains come...

A wet wave of weather pushed through South and Central Florida last night, co mingling with the humid tropical air from the south. In a few short hours the heavens released the cool spring rains.

Of course.....I had planned on painting the house. Grrrrrrr Want to hear God laugh? Just tell 'm your plans.

This morning is absolutely still, bright blue sky and a comfortable 78 degrees. (and rising quickly)

Life now slides to the summer routine. Up early in the morning, coffee and pruners in hand, NPR in the background. A quick lap in the back to forage the ripe fruits and veggies. This morning it is a dwindling supply of mulberries from the Morus tree and the sweetest mini grape tomatoes that volunteered under the Calamondin tree. Today, the task is to reduce the Mulberry canopy for ease of collecting. The neighboring Carambola and Jackfruit are competing for the space. Each will have their day of spring pruning to prepare for storm season.

Other notes: The Jackfruit has a 8" fruit started and many more aborted. The Sugar Apple is dressed out in a full frock of new green leave. It is the one true ultra tropical in the yard, looking quite ragged when the northern wind blows. The Dutchman's Pipe Vine has completely covered the Ylang Ylang and Wild Lime, both struggling to reach the sunlight. The first Polydamas butterflies have been seen laying eggs on the Pipe Vine. Soon it will be eaten into submission for another year.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grandma's Birthday Gift

An awesome find of a blue glazed pot in an outlet store - $50
Two trays of purslane for $40
One extremely pot bound Pony Tail palm (not a true palm)

Equals a handsome micro garden.